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DACA Memberships

The DACA Center relies heavily on the support of the community.  The community can purchase a membership which allows members to receive the monthly newsletter that mentions upcoming events and their details.  The membership also allows DACA to maintain the center and host other activities. 


The Hall is now used  to provide services for conferences, meetings, weddings, reuninons and other gatherings.  With the hall rental comes various services, such as a full kitchen, provide the lunch or run a full bar.


Throughout the years faces have changed but the same community bonding is still there.  Events and activities have also changed over the years as interests and such are also changing but there is always members there that care about their community.  Different memberships allow the choice that is right for you.  An active board member or an active committee member gets a discount on hall rental.

Want To Become A Member?

If you wish to become a DACA member please fill out the form below.  The details you provide will be sent to DACA and a response with details will be returned to you in regards of payment.


Membership Options:

Year for $10 or Lifetime for $100

Success! Message received.

We can now accept E-transfers for membership. The transfer plus a any contact information can be emailed to

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